Successful people – Mr. Zhang, last night and Linda play a little crazy, only 4 hours of sleep.

In the morning. Driver Xiaoli as usual 8:30 in front of the community, Mercedes S back row nap, half an hour to the company, from the elevator all the way to the people nodding and greeting, sitting in the office, looking through the circle of friends, forwarded a few in-depth good article to the company group, an hour later began to work.

Noon. Recently I need to diet, eat a little salad, walk on the treadmill in the office for half an hour, sweat a little, take a shower, take a half-hour nap in the bed next door.

Afternoon. The client’s software online collapsed, need to travel to appease a little, the driver Xiaoli sent to Hongqiao Airport, through the security fast lane, in the VIP room rest for a while, first class flight to Guangzhou.

Evening. Stay in a five-star hotel, this hotel spa spa is not bad, help sleep.

The program ape – Wang, last night, working late, a little late, go back to sleep, finally slept for 6 hours.

In the morning. From the rented room in Waigaoqiao, 6 o’clock, the day has been a little hot, ride a motorcycle, dry 3 km, to the subway station. At 7:30, I arrived at the Century Avenue interchange, and I didn’t have to move my feet all the way, but I was taken directly to Line 2 and squeezed on, and was slapped by the woman in front of me for sexual harassment. Finally, I arrived at the company in Zhangjiang before 8:30, my clothes were washed like water, and the elevator was disliked by Linda, the HR beauty, for more than 100 times. Go to the whole family to buy a meat bun + soy milk, sitting on the seat has not finished eating, project manager Lao Ma has come over to urge the morning meeting.

Noon. And the same group of buddies went to the nearby Sha Xian to eat a bowl of mixed noodles, recently worked a little hard, in order to nutrition, ruthless, drink a bowl of pigeon soup, far from buying a house and a step. Is eating, suddenly received a call from the old horse. Xiao Wang ah, Guangzhou customers said our online system collapsed, you hurry to prepare for the afternoon departure to Guangzhou, tomorrow before 9:00 must arrive.

Afternoon business trip. Subway + bike, rushed to Hongqiao Airport, today a little more people, security found a packet of milk in the bag? It should be stuffed by the wife, right? Can not waste, a packet of milk in the security checkpoint to drink. After the security check, I called my wife anxiously, and she scolded me again. Why are you always on business trips? Xiaowang smiled throughout, and finally pacified. The plane was late, sat on the hold for 2 hours before takeoff, economy class is really crowded, spring economy class actually eat to pay, hey, forget it, save some money. To Guangzhou, a cab line of people have 2 miles, waiting for an hour to get a cab, all the way to the wandering, finally to the scheduled Hanting, fell asleep, dinner did not eat ……

The next day, Xiao Wang woke up at 9:00, I fuck, finished! Not even brush your teeth, 9:40 to the scene, Mr. Zhang has long arrived, a scolding. Xiao Wang ah, how do I say you? Only 20, sleep so long every day and still not enough sleep? You know what? I only slept 4 hours the day before yesterday, there is like you? Wang listened to Zhang scolded, while secretly nodding, Zhang’s words are not bad, successful people are really gifted, you say how I do not have this talent? And suddenly feel, it seems that something is not right.